Young Performers Showcase

Rocking Horse Productions is planning our next streaming video project.

We are looking for young performers who are currently of middle school and high school age.
This video will feature these young performers signing their favorite Broadway songs. (From any Musical, Old or New).

If you would like to be a part of this and Audition, we are asking the following:

Provide an short ( 60-90 second) Audition Video.
This video can be A cappella and doesn’t need to be perfect.
A phone video will do fine
It does not need to be the song you would like to sign.
Send the video to
Please also state the song you would like to sign
Please give us your Information, Name, Age, Email Address ,Number to best reach you and parents contact information.

Please turn the videos in by 3/6/21.

If Chosen, you would rehearse 1 or 2 times with our Music Director and then one day of recording your song.

We will hopeful choose the cast by 3/13.  Rehearsal will start late March for a April /May distribution.


Rocking Horse productions
does not pre-cast shows. 

Rocking Horse is looking for strong, passionate actors.  All ages and ethnicity are encouraged to audition.