Deb’s Story

Debs Story/

In late August of 2014, Deborah “Deb” Rennicks (formerly Conrad) was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was a shock to all. A course of action was taken quickly. In early October, she underwent a double mastectomy, which removed all breast tissue in order to help treat the cancer. Currently, and throughout the next few months, she will be receiving chemotherapy. Once the chemotherapy is over, she will go through a course of radiation.

Deb is part of the wonderful community in Lancaster. She is a very supportive single mother of two, and works at a family-owned shop named Ace Flag. She has worked as a member of the stage crew and prop master for Rocking Horse Productions based out of the Lancaster Opera House, is an officer for the booster organization of the Lancaster High School Marching Band, and has worked closely with The Dancing Pointe in Williamsville to keep things in order for the owner. When she was young, she worked with many stage crews throughout the Lancaster area and worked on the Farmer’s Market in Buffalo.

When Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer, we were all upset and shocked. Though the treatments for breast cancer are helping, they have been adding up. Her insurance covers some of the cost, but is in need of help to cover the rest of it.

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