Friday, February 25th,  7.30pm
Saturday, February 26th,  7.30pm
Sunday, February 27th,  3.00pm
Friday, March 4th, 7.30pm
Saturday, March 5th, 7.30pm
Sunday, March 6th, 3.00pm
Tech Week February 20 – 24.

Rehearsals will start the end of  December / early January 2022

Character Descriptions

(Ages listed are the approximate age the Actor Needs to be able to Play)
We will have an Accent Coach to help with all Accents


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Hercule Poirot- late 40s to 50s speaks with a Belgian/French accent. Has a portly comedic appearance. He is a very inquisitive character who is funny as well as serious.

Monsieur Bouc-
anywhere from 20 to 30 speaks with a Belgian/French accent. Relatively fit and light hearted.

Mary Bebenham-
late 20s early 30s speaks with an English accent. Sort of a nervous nelly type of girl.

Hector Macqueen-
late 20s early 30s speaks with an American accent.

Princess Dragomiroff
– 60s and above speaks with a Russian accent. Very grand and regal character.

Greta Ohlsson
– 20s to 30s speaks with a Swedish accent. Very much a servant sort. clunky and plain.

Countess Andrenyl
– 20s speaks with an Hungarian accent. Speaks broken English and has a darker sense of humor.

Helen Hubbard-
50s to 60s speaks with an American accent. Very flamboyant and outspoken.

Colonel Arbuthnot-
late 20s to mid 30s speaks with a Scottish/English accent. Very handsome and military like.

Samuel Ratchett-
Late 30s early 40s speaks with an American accent possibly light New York City tones. Very business like demeanor with a whiplash temper.

Head Waiter/ Michel the Conductor
– These characters can be either older or younger. The head waiter speaks with a slight middle eastern accent. Michel speaks with a French accent and has a dry sense of humor.


Reservations are required.

You may Audition for Both Show (Only one audition slot needed)

Please Email to request a reservation.